Specializing in:

Distributorship Opportunities, Drop Ship Capabilities, Private Label Availability

Specialty, Industrial and Janitorial Chemical Manufacturer and Supplier

Boiler Treatment, Industrial Water Treatment,  Cooling Tower Treatment

Brine Treatment, Condensate Treatment, Nitrite Treatment

Disinfectants, Agricultural, Janitorial Cleaners, Washroom Cleaners, Pet Odours, Stain Removers, 

Citrus Cleaners, Wood Polishes, Stainless Steel, Floor Care,  Wax Strippers,  Grout Cleaners, Ice Melt,

Deodorizers, Glass Cleaners, Carpet Care, Housekeeping, Detergents, Porcelain Cleaners, Rust Removers,

Soap, Sanitizers, Smoke Damage, Tarnish Removers Test Chemicals, Reagents, Amines, Corrosion Inhibitors,

Microbicide, Biodispersants, Sulfite, Phosphates,  Oxygen Scavenger,  Defoamers, Descalers

Specialty Solutions is a Division of Enercon Water Treatment Ltd.

Proud to be 100% Canadian owned and operated